• 3 modes (on, slow flashing, fast flashing)
  • 1x LED controls each
  • On/Off button
  • Weight (without packaging): 20g each
  • Size (without packaging):6×4cm (folded)
  • 12×4 cm (unfolded)
  • Battry:1 CR2032
  • Best before date: LT + 3 years

MINGDA magnetic bicycle lights. Easily attached to several different parts of a bicycle.

Every piece of MINGDA LED bike lights comes equipped with a powerful magnet so that cyclists and riders can easily attach them to their bikes’ steel frame, and the magnets ensure the light stay put even on the bumpiest of jaunts. Also, the bicycle lights feature three different settings: a steady beam, and a low or quick flash. When not in use, you can snap them together and put them in your pocket for easy storage.

Using powerful magnets the LED bike lights can be easily attached to your bicycle, keeping you safe on the road at night.