bike gloves

Cyclists have several reasons to wear bike gloves: safety, firm grip, comfort, and injury prevention. They help protect cyclists’ and riders’ fingers and hands from serious injury, offer added grip strength for better control of bike handlebars, and dampen vibrations while riding on the different types of road, mountains.

Thus, they are a lucrative business in the bike accessories and parts industry. Chinese bicycle components and accessories OEM manufacturer and exporter, MINGDA supplies different types of bicycle gloves in our bike OEM parts product family with our own design, production, and inspection.
We have can manage the whole supply chain in China from designing, sourcing, production, and logistics for cycle parts importers and wholesalers around the world.

There are more bike hand gloves options for our customers to choose from: mountain gloves for bikes, winter cycling gloves, waterproof cycling gloves, heated cycling gloves, etc.
Please contact us for more detailed information and we have other bicycle parts and accessories products for you to buy and import.

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